Getting Smells Out Of Your Carpet

Carpets are great floor coverings when it comes to winter – they are nice and warm and cozy. Tiles, on the other hand are a lot easier to keep clean and a lot more hygienic. If you do have carpets, there is a good chance that at some stage or another you have had to try and get rid of a smell in the carpet. Most smells in carpets originate from dampness in the fibers so it is important to keep carpets dry.

That, of course, is easier said than done. It is for this reason though that it is better to get a wet and dry vacuum cleaner. These are able to handle spills and will be on hand to help dry out the carpet when you have had to wet it in order to clean it. Regular vacuuming also freshens the carpets and reduces the amount of smells in the homes overall. Here are some ways that you can make your next vacuuming session a way to get rid of musty smells.

What you want to do is to make sure that the cleaner is in good working order – if your carpets smell despite a regular once over, the filter may be clogged or the dirt bag may be full. Start off by checking these two things – clear any dirt out of the bag and gently tap the filter outside to loosen dust and dirt. (Make sure to do this away from the house – it could get messy.) If you are happy that the machine is in good working order, it is time to inspect the carpets themselves. What I do every so often is to take a stiff broom and brush the carpet so that the nap is disturbed – then I apply some carpet deodorizer.

By disturbing the nap, I allow the deodorizer to penetrate deeper than it would have before. It also makes it easier for the cleaner to get at the dirt deeper in the weave of the carpet. Once I am satisfied that the area is properly covered, I close up the room and allow it to stay undisturbed for at least half an hour. (If the smell is really bad, I leave an open jar of vinegar in the room to absorb smells, and close the door overnight. This is not a practical solution for everyone though.) Whether it is done overnight or over a couple of hours, it still helps.

The next step is to run the cleaner along slowly to pick up every trace of the deodorizer. (By the way, Bicarb makes an excellent substitute in a pinch.) The carpet is then smelling as fresh as a daisy and it is time to carry on to the next room. This is not a process that needs to be repeated often so it is worth it to do it properly when you do have to get it done.